This is why we can't have nice things

I give up! If you want the fast track to your demise, I will no longer stop you. I have placed all remaining quotes below without interruption in hopes that by the end of it your brain will explode and we can end this madness!!

It was nice knowing you! Well, not really. Just trying to be polite...

21. "The way she was talking, it sounded like a decent trailer park"

22. "Blood oranges are so cool to see in their different stages"

23. "It looks dry, but it can't be because it's asian"

24. "I'm a little weirded out by the yogurt in the tubes"

25. "I'm always looking at that horse. I didn't realize there was a trailer there"

26. "That's a nice hole they are digging"

27. "That's some nice alignment on those tents"

28. "I've always wondered about that park, but never knew it was so good with all the trees and trails"

29. "I haven't been able to hear as well with all the construction around us"

30. "I didn't know what to do, so I typed in "tree""

Welp, it is finally over. Does anyone want to say a few words for the dearly departed?

Oh right, guess you didn't have any friends. Ummmm, well, may you rest in peace!

Oh my! You survived?!?!? Well, this is awkward...

Can't say I am happy to see you. Well, I know the perfect thing for you now. Click below to loop back to quote number 1! You can read all quotes in an endless loop until the ends of time!

Or at least until your brain gives out...